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MEMBERSHIP DUES: CLAH dues are for the calendar year. All participants in the CLAH Program at the January meetings must be paid-up members in good standing for the previous calendar year. Annual dues for continuing members should be paid by April 30 of each year.

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Contingent/Part-Time Faculty
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CLAH Regional Studies Committee Membership: (you may choose more than one committee)

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Central American
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Chile-Rio de la Plata
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Borderland / Frontier
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Teaching and Teaching Materials
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ANNUAL CLAH LUNCHEON TICKETS: This year, luncheon tickets are sold through the AHA registration system and NOT through CLAH.
DISCOUNTED JOURNAL SUBSCRIPTIONS: All correspondence regarding subscriptions should be addressed to the editorial offices of the journals in question, which are responsible for lost issues, back numbers, etc. Subscriptions are for calendar years only. This service is not available through CLAH after April 30 of each year. Discounted journal subscription rates are for current CLAH members.
The Americas
Price: $42.00
Luso-Brazilian Review
Price: $60.00
Hispanic American Historical Review – United States
Price: $41.00
Hispanic American Historical Review – Canada
Price: $55.00
Hispanic American Historical Review – For International Members
Price: $59.00
Journal of Latin American Studies
Price: $68.00
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