Officers and Committees


The Conference is governed by a Council composed of the Conference President, Vice-President, Executive Director, Past President, editors of the Hispanic American Historical Review, The Americas, and H-LatAm; and six members elected to two-year terms.

Executive Committee:
President: Celso Castilho
Vice President and President-Elect: Alejandra Bronfman
Past President: Ben Vinson, III
Executive Directors: Erika Denise Edwards and Christina Villarreal

Elected Members:
Luisa Fernanda Arrieta (2022-2023)
Brandon Byrd (2022-2023)
Orlando Deavila Pertuz (2022-2023)
Elizabeth Schwall (2023-2024)
Fabricio Prado (2023-2024)
Marissa Nichols (2023-2024)

Ex-Officio Members:

HAHR Editors: William Summerhill
The Americas Editor:
John F. Schwaller
H-LatAm Editors: Marc Becker

Standing Committees

The Conference has several standing committees, including the Nominating and Program Committees, in addition to its prize selection committees.  The Conference can also constitute special committees in order to carry out programs approved by the General Committee and/or the membership.

Nominating Committee:
Camilo Trumper (chair)
Elena Schneider
Javier Puente

Program Committee:
Robert Franco (2023 chair)
Sarah Sarzynski (2024 chair)
Viviana Grieco

Regional/Topical Sections

In order to promote scholarship germane to their respective regions and periods, the Conference has established ten Regional Sections as well as a Teaching/Teaching Materials Sections which may be joined only by Conference members. These groups are:

Andean Studies:
Javier Puente, Chair
Renzo Aroni, Secretary

Atlantic World Studies:
Anne Eller, Chair
Emmanuel Lachaud, Secretary

Nick Villanueva, Chair
Erick Langer, Secretary

Brazilian Studies:
Benjamin A. Cowan, Chair
Sarah Sarzynski, Secretary

Caribbean Studies:
Takkara Brunson, Chair
Jorell Meléndez-Badillo, Secretary

Central American Studies:
Brianna Leavitt-Alcántara, Chair
Sylvia Sellers-García, Secretary

Chile-Rio de la Plata Studies:
Denisa Jashari, Chair
Romina Akemi Green, Secretary

Colonial Studies:
Mónica Ricketts, Chair
Guadalupe García, Secretary

Gran Colombia Studies:
María José Afanador-Llach, Chair
Constanza Castro, Secretary

Mexican Studies
Edward Wright-Ríos, Chair
Xóchitl M. Flores-Marcial, Secretary

Teaching and Teaching Materials:
María de los Ángeles Picone, Chair
Pilar Maria Herr, Secretary