The Conference welcomes as members all persons interested in the study of the history of Latin America and related areas. It is open to professional Latin Americanists as well as others personally interested in the region. Membership is obtained by filling out the membership form (see link below) and using a Visa or Mastercard to pay annual dues online.

Dues for each calendar year are assessed at US$50 for professionals, US$25 for students, $30 for part-time/adjunct faculty, $30 for members resident in Latin America/Caribbean, and US$40 for retirees. Two and three year memberships are available at reduced rates. Lifetime memberships are US$700 or 3 consecutive yearly installments of $250.

(Click here for membership and online payment form)

It is also possible to join or renew by printing the form and submitting it, with a check made payable to “CLAH” to:

Department of History
University of Texas at El Paso
500 W. University Ave.
El Paso, TX 79968

All participants in the CLAH meetings, held each January in conjunction with the American Historical Association, must be members in good standing for the previous calendar year.