The James R. Scobie Memorial Award

Pre-dissertation research trip to Latin America
The purpose of the award is to permit a short, exploratory research trip abroad (normally four to twelve weeks) to determine the feasibility of a Ph. D. dissertation topic dealing with some facet of Latin American history.

One or more travel grants will be awarded each year.  The funds are to be used only for international travel expenses.  The grant must be used during the summer following the award, unless there is prior approval from the Award Committee and the Executive Director of the Conference on Latin American History.  Under no circumstances is the award to be combined with a research grant for an extended stay.  Scobie awards may be used in combination with other funds as long as they are not for international travel.  The final report should indicate sources and amounts of all awards received.


Berenice Tepozano, University of California, Irvine
Chase Caldwell Smith, University of California, Los Angeles
Jordan Buchanan, University of California, San Diego
Micaela Wiehe, Penn State University
Meghann Chavez, University of New Mexico

Javier Etchegaray García, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Camila Ordorica Bracamontes, University of Texas at Austin
Jeanette Charles, University of California, Los Angeles
Austin Nelson, University of Florida
Constance Holden, University of Connecticut

Emily Taylor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Cody A. Williams, The University of Oklahoma
Alfredo Escudero Villanueva, Florida International University
Alejandro Guardado, University of California, Irvine
Ursula Rall, Emory University

Marcus Oliver Golding, University of Texas at Austin
Joao Nascimento Gregoire , University of Kansas 
Aimee Hisey, Oregon State University 
Alexander Chaparro, University of Texas at Austin
Manoel Neto, University of California Davis

Hannah Abrahamson, Emory University
Lucia Luna Victoria, University of California, Davis
Alexandre Pelegrino, Vanderbilt University
Haley Schroer, University of Texas, Austin
Shari Wejsa, Emory University

Mira Kohl, Tulane University
Diego Luis, Brown University
Gonzalo Emilio Romero Sommer, Stony Brook University
Jorge Delgadillo, Vanderbuilt University
Clare Ibarra, University of California Berkeley

Megan McDonie, Pennsylvania State University
Stephanie Huezo, Indiana University
Daniel Velázquez, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Emma Young, New York University
Monica Espaillat Lizardo, University of Toronto

Antony Dan Cozart, University of New Mexico
Audrey Fals Henderson, Emory University
Shannon James, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Fernanda Bretones Lane, Vanderbilt University
Cos Tollerson, New York University

Antony Keane Dawes, University of South Carolina
Kathryn Lehman, Indiana University
Lizeth Elizondo, University of Texas at Austin
John Carlos Marquez, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Miriam Villanueva, Texas Christian University

Kristie Flannery, University of Texas at Austin
Chloe Ireton, University of Texas at Austin
Rebekah Martin, The Pennsylvania State University
Chad McCutchen, University of Texas at Arlington
John Milstead, Michigan State University

Christopher Brown, Emory University
Angelina Castillo, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Lance Ingwersen, Vanderbilt University
Charlton Yingling, University of South Carolina
Jesse Zarley, University of Maryland-College Park

Adriana Chira, University of Michigan
Shawn Moura, University of Maryland, College Park
Benjamin Nobbs-Thiessen, Emory University
Erin Zavitz, University of Florida

Jennifer Eaglin, Michigan State University
Jason Kauffman, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Jennifer Schaefer, Emory University
Lynsay B. Skiba, University of California, Berkeley
Brandi Townsend, University of Maryland

Sarah Hines, University of California at Berkeley, “Revolution on the Altiplano:  Indigenous Communities and the Bolivian Revolution, 1945-1964”
Amy Huras, University of Toronto, “Castilianisation in Peru Sixteenth through Eighteenth Centuries”
Jordan Lauhon, University of California at Davis, “The 1877 Eruption of Cotopaxi Volcano”
Ben Reed, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, “Role of Preaching in Colonial Mexico”
Lena Suk, Emory University, “Cinema, Space, and Systems of International Exchange in Brazil, 1964-1985”

Matthew Scalena, Stony Brook University
Rafaela Acevedo-Field, University of California at Santa Barbara
Grace Sanders, University of Michigan
Ted Cohen, University of Maryland at College Park

Brigitte Cairus, York University, “Outside Racial Democracy:  Identity and Conversion among Roms in Brazil”
Sarah Jaffe, Tulane University, “Identifying Missionaries of Nationalism in Revolutionary Mexico (1920-1940)”
Brad Lange, Emory University, “La República de la Boca:  Ethnicity, Politics, and Culture in Buenos Aires, 1850-1930”
Andrea Vicente, Michigan State University, “Singleness and the State:  The Daily Lives of Widowed and Single Women in 19th Century Guadalajara, Mexico”

Christine Heisser
, Indiana University, “Thanks to the Virgin: Migration and Faith in 20th Century Mexico”
Federico Sor, New York University. “Reorganization of Personality”: Education Reform and the Military Construction of Argentine Subjects, 1976-1981”
Sophia Koutsoyannis,
York University, “Popular Music and Identity in Mexico City, 1930-1960”
Uri Rosenheck,
Emory University, “Fighting for Home Abroad: Citizen-Soldiers, Race and Politics in Brazil during World War II”

Consuelo Figueroa
State University of New York at Stony Brook, “Becoming Chilean: Discourses and Contentions in the Construction of National Identity 1870s-1880s.”
Valeria Manzano,
Indiana University, “The Making of Youth in Argentina, 1950-1970.”
Robert Schwaller,
Pennsylvania State University, “Evolution of Racial Hierarchies and Ideologies in Early Colonial Mexico.”

Cesar Seveso
Indiana University, “El ‘Verdadero’ Peronismo: The Hopes, Crumbling Convictions, and Premonitions of the Peronist and Marxist Left in Argentina, 1955-1976.”

Karin Velez
Princeton University, “Portuguese Jesuits and the Diffusion of the Madonna of Loreto, 1670-1720.”
Brenda Elsey,
SUNY Stony Brook, “Playing Politics: Football in Urban Chile 1910-1962.”

No Award GIven (no applications received)

Christopher L. Murchison
University of Miami, “Globalization of the Brazilian Amazon:  A Historical Analysis of How International Forces Have Shaped Manaus, 1915-1985.”

Mayra E. Beers
Florida International University, “Murder in San Isidro: Public Power and Private Influence in the Cuban Republic, 1900-1920.”
Jennifer E. Forsythe, University of Miami,”The Impact of Modernization on Traditional Popular Medicine in Cuzco, Peru, from the 1910s to

Gregory Spira
, Georgetown University, “Rebellion, Resistance, and Cultural Change:  Popular Reactions to the Bourbon Reforms, San Luis Potosí, 1767-1810.”
Annalyda Alvarez Calderon,
SUNY, Stony Brook “Peasant Revolts, Intellectuals and the State: Ideology and National.”

Mauricio Damian Rivero
, Brigham Young University, “The Words of God: Religious Texts and the Counter Reformation in Spain and Spanish-America.”

Erica M. Windler
, University of Miami, “Rio de Janeiro’s Santa Casa da Misericordia: A Case Study of Brazilian Urbanization 1808-1889.”

Julia Cummings
, Indiana University, “Rebellion in Tomochic, Chihuahua.”

Jadwiga Pieper
Rutgers University,“The Politics of Fertility Regulation in Chile.”

Harold Langfur
, University of Texas-Austin, “Conflict and Collaboration: Indians, Settlers and the State in Nineteenth- Century Brazil”
Jacqueline Holle, Emory University, “Nuns in Sixteenth Century Mexico.”

Ronald Young
University of California at Los Angeles, “From Mule to Motor Car: A History of Urban Transportation in Caracas, Venezuela, 1881-1947.”

Maria Angelica Zubaran Sailer
, State University of New York, Stonybrook, “The Politics of Freedom: Slave Resistance in Río Grande do Sul (1871-1888)”

Gina Hames
, Carnegie Mellon University, “Andean Chiceras:  Ethnicity and Gender Ideologies, 1860-1920”
Fred Murphy, “Argentine Nation or Porteño city-state?: Merchants, Ranchers, and Statemakers in Buenos Aires During the Post-Rosas Interregnum”

No Award Given

Deborah Truhan
, New York University, “The Hispanization of Canari Space.”

Mary A. Nelson
, “Hacienda San Esteban de Tiripitio- – Tarascans and Haciendas in Colonial Michoacán:A Proposal for Study.”

Michael Stanfield
, University of New Mexico, “The Rubber Industry and the Definition of State Limits: Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru in the Putumayo, 1880-1910.”
Peter Beattie, University of Miami, “From Tattoos to Desertion: The Experience of the Brazilian Army Pracas in the Barracks and the Community, 1890-1930.”

Alan D. Belitsky
, University of Miami, “Standards of Living of the Workers and the Union of the Estrada de Ferro Santos-Jundiaí: 1889-1930.”

Carolyn Sexton Roy
, University of California Los Angeles, “The Parral Mining Community Society in New Spain.”

Carolyn Sexton Roy
, University of California Los Angeles, “The Parral Mining Community Society in New Spain.”

Terry M. Young
, University of Texas at Austin, “Power, Privilege, and the Struggle for Statehood: Local Militias in Uruguay, 1764-1852.”

Eugenio Piñero
, University of Connecticut, “Cacoa Plantations, Notable Families and the Genesis of a Peasantry in the Province of Caracas: 1700-1770.”
*Established 1981

Scobie Prize Committees (Chair listed first):

2024 Gabi Kuenzli, Stephanie Huezo, John Marquez
Julia Rodriguez, Cameron Jones, William Acree
 Mariola Espinosa, William Van Norman, Chloe Ireton
2021 Hal Langfur (chair), Fernanda Bretones, Sarah Foss
José Ragas (chair), Rachel Grace Newman, Bonnie Lucero
Juan Ponce Vasquez, Chloe Ireton, Yesenia Barragán
Kristen Block, Drew Konove, Ivonne Wallace Fuentes
2017 Paulo Drinot, Cristina Soriano, Camilo Trumper
2016 Rebekah Pite, Okezi Otovo, Jeffrey Pilcher
2015 Sherwin Bryant, Sarah Franklin, Guadalupe Garcia
2014 Aviva Chomsky, Gabrielle Kuenzli, Greg Childs
2013 Barbara Ganson, Robert C. Schwaller, Sean McEnroe
2012 Pablo Gomez, Barry Robinson, Thomas Rogers
2011 Nara Milanich, Eddie Wright-Rios, Maria Elena Martinez
2010 James Green, Marie Francois, Marixa Lasso
2009 Kristen Ruggiero, Mollie Lewis, Seth Garfield
2008 Jamie Sanders, Karin Rosemblatt, Karen Graubart
2007 Silvia Arrom, Steven Topik, Justin Wolfe
2006 Pablo Piccato, Laura Gotkowitz, Jeff Mosher
2005 Andres Resendez, Barbara Sommer, Doug Sullivan
2004 Kris Lane, Lee Penyak, Greg Grandin
2003 Donald Stevens, Tamar Herzog, James Saeger
2002 Donald Stevens, Tamar Herzog, James Saeger (No Award, Same committee 2003)
2001 Charles W. Berquist, Helen Delpar, Donald Stevens
2000 Noble David Cook, Catherine LeGrand, Seth Fein,  Ingrid Scobie, ex oficio
1999 Barbara Tenenbaum, Jeremy Baskes, Alida Metcalf, Ingrid Scobie, ex oficio
1998 Kendall Brown, Lolita Guiterrez Brockington, Thomas Holloway, Thomas Leonard
1997 Judith Ewell, Kendall Brown, Elizabeth A. Kuznesof,  Ingrid Scobie, ex oficio
1996 Ingrid Scobie, Katherine Burns, Teresa Meade, Roger Davis
1995 Jeremy Adelman, Katherine Burns, Teresa Meade
1994 Ingrid Scobie, Reid Andrews, Jeremy Adelman
1993 Reid Andrews, Edith Couturier, Ingrid Scobie
1992 Susan Alchon, Ingrid Scobie, Reid Andrews
1991 Lowell Gudmundson, Susan Austin Alchon, Ingrid Scobie
1990 Lowell Gudmundson, Susan Schroeder, Susan Austin Alchon, Ingrid Scobie
1989 Thomas M. Davies Jr., Susan Schroeder
1988 Thomas M. Davies Jr., Ingrid W. Scobie, Susan Schroeder
1987 Thomas M. Davies Jr., Ingrid W. Scobie, William Fleming
1986 Anani Dzidzienyo, Ingrid Scobie, William Fleming, Thomas Davies Jr.
1985 Anani Dzidzienyo, Ingrid Scobie, William Fleming
1984 Brian Loveman, Anani Dzidzienyo, Ingrid Scobie
1983 John Lombardi, Brian Loveman, David Ringrose, Ingrid Scobie
1982 David Rigrose, John Lombardi, Brian Loveman, Ingrid W. Scobie

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