Bolton-Johnson Prize

$1,000 is awarded annually for the best English-language book on any aspect of Latin American History.

The Bolton prize was established in 1956. It was enhanced in 2000 by a generous donation from Dr. John J. Johnson and is now the Bolton-Johnson Prize. It carries a stipend of $1,000. The Bolton-Johnson Prize is awarded for the best book in English on any significant aspect of Latin American History that is published anywhere during the imprint year previous to the year of the award. Sound scholarship, grace of style, and importance of the scholarly contribution are among the criteria for the award. Normally not considered for the award are translations, anthologies of selections by several authors, reprints or re-editions or works published previously, and works not primarily historiographical in aim or content. An Honorable Mention Award may be made for an additional distinguished work deemed worthy by the Bolton-Johnson Prize Committee.

1. To be considered for the Bolton-Johnson Prize, a book must bear the imprint of the year prior to the year for which the award is made. Hence, for the 2023 Bolton-Johnson Prize, to be awarded in January of 2024, the Bolton-Johnson Prize Committee will review and judge books with imprint year 2022.

2. For a book to be considered, each of the three committee members must receive a copy, either from the publisher or from another source. Books received after June 1 of the award year will not be considered. The CLAH office should be informed of the committee’s decision no later than October 15.

3. Authors are advised to consult their publishers to be certain their books have been nominated and copies sent.

4. The Bolton-Johnson Prize Committee is under no obligation to identify or seek out potential books for consideration.  For a book to be considered, each of the three committee members must receive a copy by June 1, 2023, either from the publisher or from another source.

Note: The CLAH now requires current membership for all of its prizes.

Please send all submissions to each of the committee members listed below.

Bolton-Johnson Prize Committee for 2023:

Gabe Paquette (Chair)
Department of History
University of Maine
5774 Stevens Hall
Orono, ME, 04469-5774

Mark Healey
University of Connecticut
Department of History
241 Glenbrook Rd., U-4103
Storrs, CT 06269-4103

Yuko Miki
Department of History
Fordham University
113 West 60th St, Ste. 422
New York, NY 10023

Deadline for receipt of nominations: June 1, 2023.

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