The James R. Scobie Award

Up to $1,500 is awarded each year for an exploratory research trip abroad to determine the feasibility of a Ph.D. dissertation topic dealing with some facet of Latin American history. One or more travel grants will be awarded each year. The awards will be made by a committee appointed by the CLAH president and confirmed by the CLAH General Committee.

The purpose of the award is to permit a short, exploratory research trip abroad (normally four to twelve weeks) to determine the feasibility of a Ph. D. dissertation topic dealing with some facet of Latin American history.

Up to five travel grants will be awarded each year. The funds are to be used only for international travel expenses and may not exceed $1,500. The grant must be used during the summer following the award, unless there is prior approval from the Award Committee and the Executive Director of the Conference on Latin American History. Under no circumstances is the award to be combined with a research grant for an extended stay. Scobie awards may be used in combination with other funds as long as they are not for international travel. The final report should indicate sources and amounts of all awards received.

All applications are to be emailed to no later than March 15, 2024 and must include:
1. a prospectus of proposed research, no longer than 1,500 words and a preliminary bibliography.
2. a tentative research schedule for the grant period.
3. a current curriculum vitae, with a notation of date of comprehensive exam.

Separately, two letters of recommendation, one of which should attest to the language competence (Spanish or Portuguese) of the applicant, are required. These letters should also be emailed to

All applicants for the Scobie Awards must be CLAH members. Non-members can join the CLAH here

The Scobie Award Committee will send its final recommendation to the Executive Director by April 25, 2024. At the end of the grant period, each award recipient must submit a final report to the CLAH Executive Director outlining what was accomplished.

Scobie Award Committee for 2024:

E. Gabrielle Kuenzli, University of South Carolina (Chair)

Stephanie Huezo, Fordham University

John Marquez, UC Riverside

Deadline to apply: March 15, 2024.

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