Internet sources for teaching Mexican history online

Martina Will de Chaparro, Texas Woman’s University, September 2008

Audio/Video/Podcasts – all in English:

“Aliens in America” 53 min. podcast from 2008 by “The History Guys” covers US immigration history and present issues; though not specific to Mexican immigration, very helpful background and/or review for students

“Hello Americans was a 12 episode show Orson Welles made as another
contribution to the war effort, and stems in part from his interest in
Latin and South American culture. “Hello Americans” has an episode on Mexico:

US-Mexican War site from KERA – includes documents and video clips from the series

Alan Knight podcast on the Mexican Revolution (52 min.), at History at 33 1/3:

Democracy Now broadcast on Plan Mexico, July 2008

English-language sites:


Paris Codex – digital version of an ancient Maya hieroglyphic book called the Paris Codex.; original at Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris; one of only four pre-Columbian Maya hieroglyphic manuscripts

Interactive Humanities Site on Ancient Mexico – material culture focus

Mesoamerican Photo Archive

Mesoamerican Ball Game – interactive flashy site re. the ball game

Huejotzingo Codex – digitized

Teotihuacan Mural Art: Assessing the Accuracy of its Interpretation, by James Q. Jacobs


The Aztecs and the Making of Colonial Mexico

Women in World History on La Malinche – images and primary documents

Vistas Visual Cultures of Spanish America 1520-1820

Frontiers of Faith – Humanities Interactive site with essay by Dr. Stanley Hordes and material culture images

Exploring the Early Americas – Jay Kislak Collection, Library of Congress

Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz site – Dartmouth

Castas Paintings – article by Ilona Katzew with digitized paintings

Mexico: Splendors of Thirty Centuries: Humanities Interactive site focusing on art history, images of material culture

Colonial Mexican Art – Prof. Manuel Aguilar’s site; wonderful photos of everything from baroque churches to maps to funerary art

Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies – images, maps, codices, etc.

Pestilence and Headcolds: Encountering Illness in Colonial Mexico, ebook by Sherry Fields

Women in World History on Race and Gender in Colonial Latin America – lesson plan and primary documents (several from 18th-cent. New Spain)

Analyzing Visual Sources featuring Codex Mendoza image, with Art Historian Dana Leibsohn, Smith College

AHA The Conquest of Mexico site – images, maps, primary sources, lesson plan


Mexico From Empire to Revolution – Getty Research Institute site with images (postcards, albums, photos)

The New Frontier – Time online re. the border

National Security Archive – declassified government documents on Tlatelolco Massacre and other topics

Humanities Interactive Site on the Border and Texas

Mexican-American War and the Media, Virginia Tech site – images, timeline, documents, links

Border Revolution 1920-1920, text by Cindy Baxman with period photographs from the collections of the San Diego Historical Society

Mexica Manuscripts

The Cubist Paintings of Diego Rivera – National Gallery of Art site

Day of the Dead site – nice images from around Mexico

Mexican Migration Project – retablos, first-hand accounts, database, etc.

Border Battles: offers essays etc. on many sides of immigration debate in the US

New Americans – program site for Frontline, includes an interesting immigration quiz; not specific to Mexican immigration

Beyond the Border – PBS site related to film of the same name, on immigration; includes video excerpts

Mexican War site from Interactive Humanities – material culture, paintings, etc. by UT Arlington

English-Spanish bilingual Sites:

Corridos Sin Fronteras – Smithsonian site with audio, lyrics, lesson plans, etc.; site can be viewed in English or Spanish

Zoot Suit Riots site from PBS

Constitution of 1824 in Spanish and in English

Historical Text Archive (articles, photos, documents)

MEXonline page has a list of pointers to other pages with documents (1917 Constitution, Plan of San Luis Potosi etc) and interesting web sites with Mexico material.

Primary Documents of the Mexican Revolution, Our Lady of the Lake U. link

Spanish-language sites:

Sor Juana digitized text Fama, y obras postumas (Madrid: Ruiz de Murga, 1700) – U. Bielefeld

500 Años de Mexico en Documentos

Proyectos Revistas Literarias Siglo XIX

Colecciones Mexicanas (Archivo Franciscano, Revista literarias siglo
XIX, Españoles en México siglo XIX, Libros electrónicos)
subscription service that allows searches in hundreds of thousands of  XIXth century Mexican newspapers and downloading PDFs of the actual pages you get hits on.

Monumentos Funerarios del Cementerio de Saucito San Luis Potosí, fines del siglo XIX y principios del XX This is the web version of Roman Iglesias Gonzalez, Planes Politicos, Proclamas, manifiestos y Otros Documentos de la Independencia de Mexico al Mexico Moderno, 1812-1940. This is by far the largest single collection of (largely political only) documents available on the web.

Hemeroteca Nacional in Mexico City is digitalising some of its
most important newspapers

Fuentes y Documentos para la Historia de Mexico

INAH – Internet Archive Flores Magón