The Howard F. Cline Memorial Prize

The Howard F. Cline Memorial Prize was established in 1976. It carries a stipend of $500. The prize is awarded biennially to the book or article in English, German, or a Romance language judged to make the most significant contribution to the history of Indians in Latin America, referring to any time before the immediate present. Items appearing in the two calendar years just preceding may be considered for a given year’s award. Hence, items published in 2020 and 2021 will be considered for the award year 2022 (awarded at the meeting in January 2022).

The Cline Prize Committee will consider only those items nominated by CLAH members or by publishers. Publishers must provide copies of items nominated to all committee members. Members of the prize committee may include any items they feel appropriate in the list of works considered.

Note: The CLAH now requires current membership for all of its prizes.

Howard F. Cline Memorial Prize Committee 2021

Kevin Terraciano (Chair)
University of California, Los Angeles

Barbara Sommer
Gettysburg College

Miguel Leon
SUNY Oneonta

Submissions due, June 01, 2021 

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