Teaching Award

$500 is awarded to a CLAH member whose teaching evidences significant contributions to the advancement of the study of Latin American history in the United States.

The Teaching Award recognizes the pedagogical work that has been a central part of the CLAH’s mission since its foundation. Building on a syllabus prize overseen by the Teaching & Teaching Materials section over the previous years, the Teaching Award was established in 2024 to celebrate and share innovative, creative, and committed teaching by our members. It highlights classroom teaching as an integral piece of CLAH members’ intellectual work. The prize is awarded based on input from students and colleagues, syllabi and other teaching materials, and a teaching statement that highlights contributions to the teaching of Latin American history.

The award will be granted to those actively engaged in teaching Latin American history at any post-secondary level to recognize ongoing innovation and excellence in teaching. Nominees must have at least 2 years of teaching experience and be able to demonstrate the creativity, innovation, and success of their pedagogy through the materials submitted. Nominees can self-nominate or be nominated by their students or colleagues.

Applications will consist of a portfolio including the following materials:

  1. A one- to two-page cover letter explaining the nominee’s contributions to the teaching of Latin American history, either in general or through the production of specific teaching material or tools. The letter should include references to the supporting teaching materials as appropriate.
  2. Up to four pieces of supporting teaching material that support the cover letter, including but not limited to syllabi, assignments, activities, digital projects or tools, taped lectures, or other pedagogical offerings (any links to digital materials or media must be included alongside copies of other materials).
  3. A curriculum vitae highlighting teaching and mentoring.
  4. Two letters of support. One must be from a student who benefited from the nominee’s teaching or mentoring. The second can be from another student, a colleague or chair, a teaching assistant, a mentee, or anyone else with insight into the nominee’s teaching.

The awards will be made by a committee appointed by the CLAH president and confirmed by the CLAH General Council.

The winner of the award will be given the opportunity to present on their pedagogical practices or materials at the CLAH or via a virtual teaching workshop organized by the Teaching & Teaching Materials Section.

All applicants for the Teaching Award must be CLAH members. 

Deadline to apply: June 1, 2024

Teaching Award Committee for 2024

Casey Lurtz (chair), lurtz@jhu.edu
Takkara Brunson, tbrunson@tamu.edu
Sarah Foss, safoss@okstate.edu