Officers and Committees

General Committee

The Conference is governed by a General Committee composed of the Conference President, Vice-President, Executive Secretary, Past President, editors of the Hispanic American Historical Review, The Americas, and H-Latam; and four members elected to two-year terms.

Executive Committee:

President: Jane Landers
Vice President: Jerry Dávila
Past President: Cynthia Radding
Executive Secretary:
Jurgen Buchenau

Elected Members:
Tom Rogers
Karen Graubart
Nancy Appelbaum (2013-2014)
Aldo Lauria-Santiago (2013-2014)

Ex-Officio Members:

HAHR Editors: Jocelyn Olcott, John French, and Peter Sigal
The Americas Editor:
Eric Zolov
H-LatAm Editors: Michael Innis-Jiménez, Dennis Hidalgo and John F. Schwaller

Standing Comittees

The Conference has several standing committees, including the Nominating and Program Committees, in addition to its prize selection committees.  The Conference can also constitute special committees in order to carry out programs approved by the General Committee and/or the membership.

Nominating Committee:

John F. Schwaller, Chair
George Reid Andrews
Liz Hutchison

2014 Program Committee:

Tanalís Padilla, Chair
Sherry Johnson
Oscar de la Torre

Regional/Topical Committees

In order to promote scholarship germane to their respective regions and periods, the Conference has established eight Regional Committees as well as a Teaching/Teaching Materials Committee which may be joined only by Conference members. These groups are:

Andean Studies:
Heidi Scott, Chair
Jeremy Mumford, Secretary

Robin Derby, Chair
Elliot Young, Secretary

Brazilian Studies:
Martha Santos, Chair
Mark Hertzman, Secretary

Caribbean Studies:
Marisa Fuentes, Chair
Heather Kopelson, Secretary

Central American Studies:
Heather Abdelnur, Chair
Owen S. Jones, Secretary

Chile-Rio de la Plata Studies:
Camilo Trumper, Chair
Michael Huner, Secretary

Colonial Studies:
Alejandro Cañeque, Chair
Cristina Soriano, Secretary

Gran Colombia Studies:
Abel Ricardo Lopez, Chair
Ernesto Bassi, Secretary

Mexican Studies
David Tavárez, Chair
John Chuchiak, Secretary

Teaching and Teaching Materials:
Jessica Stites-Mor, Chair
Anna Alexander, Secretary