Call for Proposals, 2023 AHA/CLAH Meeting in Philadelphia


Deadline: March 7, 2023


The Program Committee invites CLAH members to submit panel and paper proposals for the meetings to be held in Philadelphia, January 5-8, 2023. Panels should include three or four papers, one discussant, and a chair. Individual paper proposals will be considered, but their acceptance will depend on finding an appropriate session for them. The deadline for submission of proposals to the CLAH (and to the AHA) is February 15, 2022.


Please note that the CLAH conference is part of the AHA annual meeting and, as such, governed by the AHA Code of Professional Conduct at Officially Sanctioned AHA Activities: The CLAH expects all attendees to abide by this code as part of ensuring that it is a space where all participants can expect professional and personal interaction without harassment of any kind.


Session organizers must submit their proposal to the AHA Confex System and then forward a PDF or Word document copy of the proof of their session, with full paper and participant information, to the CLAH Program Committee. (The AHA does not forward session information to the CLAH). For more information on submitting proposals, see FAQ: Organizing CLAH Sessions. Please note, panels not accepted by the AHA will still be considered by the CLAH Program Committee as a CLAH session. Because the CLAH is able to place a significant number of its sessions on the meeting program, submitting to both AHA and CLAH will greatly increase the chance of acceptance of the panel.


Due to prohibitive costs, the AHA only provides AV for its own sessions, but not those of its affiliates. Because the CLAH does not charge a separate registration fee for the meeting, we are unable to provide AV for panels accepted by CLAH but not by the AHA.


To submit a proposal, follow BOTH steps below:


STEP 1: Submit the Proposal to the AHA

Session organizers will submit their proposals directly to the AHA’s online system, following the procedures and guidelines on the AHA Website. When completing the online cover page, you must select “Conference on Latin American History” from the Co-Sponsor menu. Selecting this co-sponsorship does not convey your session information to the CLAH – it must be submitted to us separately via Step 2 below.


STEP 2: Submit the Proposal to the CLAH

Upon submission of the proposal to the AHA, send the full AHA electronic submission proof and session ID number, in Word or PDF format, to Program Committee Chair Sharika Crawford at This submission must include the session proposal and participant information including primary email addresses, as well as paper titles and abstracts. Individual paper proposals should be submitted only to the CLAH Program Committee and are considered for CLAH-only sessions. These papers must include a C.V., primary email address, paper title, and abstract.


To submit a proposal to the CLAH, you MUST be a current member. You may join or renew at An exception is made for scholars from Latin America or the Caribbean, from fields outside of Latin American History, or from other disciplines, who are encouraged but not required to become members. As a session organizer, please make sure that your panelists understand that they must be current in their dues, regardless of their status with the AHA, to participate in the program.


Membership fees are the following:

US$50 for professionals

US$30 for part-time/adjunct faculty

US$25 for students

US$40 for retirees


Lifetime memberships are also available for US$700, and multiyear memberships are available at a discount from the above annual rates


CLAH Program Criteria and Rules


Where possible, panels should have diversity in gender, race or ethnicity, rank and institution.


All participants in the program must be current members of CLAH. Those on AHA/CLAH panels must be members of AHA as well.


The following rules, approved by the CLAH General Committee on January 2, 2003, are intended to ensure diverse representation on the annual program, and reduce the scheduling conflicts that arise from multiple appearances in the schedule:


  1. No person may have a formal role in the CLAH program (as chair, paper presenter, commentator or roundtable participant) on more than two panels or sessions. These guidelines apply to sessions organized by Regional and Standing Committees as well as to panels proposed to the Program Committee.
  1. No person may present more than one paper.
  1. No person may serve as commentator on more than one panel, and may not serve as commentator on a panel on which s/he is also presenting a paper.
  1. No person may serve as chair on more than one panel.
  1. No person may appear in the program as a participant in a roundtable discussion (where no formal papers are presented) in more than one session.
  1. Officers of CLAH and its Regional and Standing Committees may be listed in the program as presiding at the scheduled meetings, in addition to any roles they may have in the program covered by rules 2-5.