Call for Proposals to Host CLAH Office

The Conference on Latin American History (CLAH) is searching for an Executive Director and a host institution for its Secretariat for a five-year period to begin July 1, 2022. Founded in 1926, CLAH is the primary academic association in the United States focusing on historical scholarship on Latin American topics. As an affiliated society of the American Historical Association, its annual meetings are held in conjunction with the meetings of the AHA, but CLAH has its own structure of elected officers, committees focusing on specific regions and themes within Latin American History. CLAH currently has approximately 600 members, most of them in the USA but with increasing numbers in Canada, Europe, and Latin America. Interested parties are invited to familiarize themselves with the Constitution, Bylaws, and organizational structure of CLAH at its website, <>.

The Executive Director should have a strong commitment to promoting Latin American History in the U.S. and offer vision and leadership in strengthening and expanding the organization. It is possible for two individuals to hold the position of Executive Director jointly as a team. 

The core functions of the CLAH Office are to:

1. Organize and administer the annual meeting (held together with the American Historical Association in early January)

2. Manage the records and financial assets of CLAH, in coordination with elected officers.

3. Administer the program of scholarly prizes and research grants.

4. Produce and distribute two annual newsletters and maintain an online membership directory.

5. Maintain liaison and coordination with the CLAH President and Council, and other committees in its organizational structure.

Minimum resources for a successful application typically include the following items, though proposal submitters should contact the current CLAH Office at UNC Charlotte to discuss the particular manner in which their institutional circumstances and support from the CLAH can combine to support a dynamic Office. The suggested resources include:

1. A faculty member to serve as Executive Director (this task may be divided between two faculty members with clearly delineated responsibilities)

2. A half-time administrative aide, with skills in office organization, computer operations, financial management, and communications essential to the conduct of CLAH business.

3. An internet-connected computer system for word processing, desktop publishing, database (mailing list) management, financial management, and communications.

4. Adequate office space, furniture, and access to equipment for anticipated functions and activities, with associated utilities and maintenance overhead.

5. Access to general institutional support services of the host institution

Candidates for Executive Director should send the following: a curriculum vitae; a vision statement of plans to strengthen CLAH; a detailed statement of resources available at the host institution; a proposed operational budget; and a signed coversheet indicating support by the host institution. Interested parties should submit an email message of intent by June 1, 2021. Final submissions are due no later than September 1, 2021. Statements of intent and final submissions should be sent via email to Dr. Ben Vinson, CLAH President, with a copy to Dr. Jurgen Buchenau and Dr. Erika Edwards, CLAH Executive Directors, and